Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mind That Text

I have a tale for you today, full of juicy morsels and tidbits, but before I get onto that I would just like to  do a couple of shout outs.


This year was my first LOL day as a blogger. Before I started my blog I was a serial lurker.

I had so much fun dropping in on friends and saying hello and meeting new friends and received such lovely comments.  I tried to visit as many blogs as I could and apologise if I inadvertently missed you. 

A huge thank you to all of you who left me a comment.  It truly was heart warming and gratifying to know that people actually enjoy what I write.  I was most amazed to discover that some of what I write is helpful to some of you.

I write here mainly to process my own thoughts and feelings as I negotiate this incredibly tricky journey we call ttwd.  So to discover my ramblings are enjoyed by, and maybe even helpful to others is a real boost to me.  

LOL day reinforced for me just what an awesome, friendly, welcoming and supportive community we have.  It has also been pointed out to me that it doesn't just have to last for one day.  So true!

My sincere thank you to the wonderful Bonnie for organising this event.

Lillie's Back

In case you didn't already know Lillie has a new blog.  You can find the link here

Welcome back Lillie!  It's so great to see you back, we missed you!

If, by some chance, you don't know Lillie (where have you been?) I would urge you to pop over, pay Ian and Lillie a visit and say hello.  

Last week Rick and I discovered an issue with his cell phone.  For some reason he wasn't receiving any of my text messages.  We later discovered he wasn't receiving texts sent from anybody else either.  As some of you may know, we spend a fair bit of time apart so text rules are pretty big around here.  Therefore, as you can imagine Rick was highly unimpressed with this turn of events and keen to get to get the issued resolved quickly.  

Off to our telecommunications provider we went.  When we have had similar problems in the past it has taken several visits to the store plus several phone calls to the help desk to finally get the issued resolved.  With that in mind, keen to get the problem properly resolved the first time, I entered the store with Rick - and so did Scrappy!  Oh yeah, Scrappy was poised for action, just in case he was needed.  It turned out he wasn't needed, but I totally took over from Rick.  I did all the talking - Oops!  I got 'the look' a few times.

After some mucking around and a call to the help desk the kind man in the store informed us there was a corrupt text that had been causing a 'blockage' to any other text messages being delivered.  He assured us the help desk had removed the offending text and that the problem should now be resolved.

We left feeling somewhat relieved the problem had been fixed and I didn't really think much more about it.  We decided we better test it out.  I sent him a couple of text to test the theory and, you guessed it, he didn't receive them.

Rick then phoned the help desk himself and was informed there was a corrupt text blocking all the others from being delivered.  Can you guess who the corrupt text was from?  Yup, me!! Worse, they told him they had to transfer him to the 'complex team' to resolve the issue! 

OMG, at that point it suddenly dawned on me that these people would be able to read our text to each other.  Then I started to think OMG, what tasty morsels will they see?  Things like:

I want you to xyz

Yes sir

It is still a rule break and you will be spanked - (yikes!)

Am I really going to be spanked? 

Can I be excused from doing xyz 

No you cannot be excused.  I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to make it

Can I please have permission for xyz

Bed time now please.  (um, yes well, you've all read about THAT particular rule!)

Suddenly I had visions of all the help desk staff huddled together reading our text messages and having a good laugh.  I felt so embarrassed and thankful we were dealing with them over the phone and not face to face!

Logic tells me there is probably some 'rule' (did I just say that!) that prohibits them from doing so but c'mon, if it were you and some tasty morsels like those above caught you eye wouldn't you?  I'm pretty sure I would!

I have never heard of this problem occurring with texting before so beware.  Apparently it happens.  Perhaps we need to devise a code for text messages.


  1. Oh my word....too funny, and so embarrassing! I send Ryan emails throughout the day...a lot of times about ttwd. At one point I sent him an email that contained a link to a Dd blog ( I wish I could remember whose it was) anyway when he tried to open it, it sent an alarm through there computer system because of the type of website it was....apparently all of our blogs are seen as a little naughty ;) We got a good laugh out of it....his work was convinced it was just some sort of glitch ;)

    PS....I can be a little scrappy myself ;)

    Have a great day!!!


    1. Oh Lucy, I was mortified to think these people may have been reading some of our text messages.

      LOL, lucky Ryan's work just thought it was a glitch. We always ensure our emails are vanilla.

      Love Roz

  2. Well Good evening. This weekend is all kinds of crazy. First you commented while I was drinking wine not coffee, and now I'm posting on YOUR wall with coffee in hand.

    Yup, I'd say it is time for 'code' in texting. This time it is/could be the faceless help desk people, next time it could be a friend or someone who picks up or borrows your phone. Oh, I'm sure you're both careful with your phones but mistakes happen.

    How about banana ? LOL. Please Rick I don't want a banana. But you broke a ( hmm going to have to come up with a new word for rule too) you deserve a banana.
    Plus banana is fun to type too!

    You're Welcome *wink*

    Love Willie

    1. Hi Willie, I know, my timing has been all out of whack over the weekend hasn't it. I had to post this when I did so that you could still chat with me over coffee - just on my blog instead of yours :)

      Yeah, we are VERY careful with our phones but you are right, mistakes can happen. Perish the thought that someone would pick up one of our phones and see something they shouldn't - yikes!

      Your suggestion cracked me up. Hmm, I'm not sure if banana makes it any better. Can you imagine You're getting a banana tonight, or you're getting a banana when I get home. Well, I guess anyone who saw that wouldn't be thinking spanking Lol

      Hmm, I'm not really sure about code word - I suspect if the situation is 'serious' code words may detract from the seriousness?

      Love Roz

    2. Well good evening! I suppose you are right about the seriousness of the warning not being there. Not to mention you may start to detest a certain fruit! Hardly fair to the banana!

    3. Hi Wilma, I'm also not sure Rick would go for code words as I was far more worried about it than he was! Good point, I am quite partial to bananas and wouldn't want that to change Lol

      It's just gone midnight, and it's a work night so I had better scoot off to bed before I get in trouble for getting to bed too late - again! Not that I've been told yet, but it won't be long!

  3. Oh, I can just hear them laughing. As you said, thank goodness this was over the phone instead of face to face. Something other than your bum would have been red.

    You're going to have to come up with "code" for future use. I think Stormy had a post about this sometime back.

    I know you will work it out. Have a good day.

    1. Hi Sunny,

      Yes, I was rather mortified to think any of these people may have read some of our messages and yes, if was face to face something other than my bum would have been red Lol.

      I think I read Stormy's post you referred to.

      Thanks Sunny, Love Roz

  4. Roz, yes, mind that text! I am glad you had such a good LOL day, too. Take care,

    1. Hi SNP, hmm, yes. I'm so glad it was over the phone and not face to face! Of course, I can't know for sure that they read any of them, but I'm pretty sure I would have in their shoes lol

      I did enjoy LOL day heaps, lots of fun.

      Take care, Love Roz

  5. Wow, I did not know that about texting. I will for sure be careful. Yee hah.

    1. Hi Susie, Lol, actually, it's not the first time this has happened to us, though it was my phone last time. Never heard of text messages being corrupted before this. Hmm, gotta wonder if it's because of certain words in the message lol

      I was so thankful we were dealing with them over the phone and not face to face! Of course, we can't know for sure whether they did read any of our messages, but they had to access them I guess at the very least in order to cancel the 'offending' message.

      I hope things are going well with you and MM.

      Love, Roz

  6. Chuckling over here! ;-)

    My D and I had a long distance relationship for quite awhile, so we had some fairly steamy texts, emails and - omigish! - our chats were downright wicked at times, probably as hot as our occasional forays into phone sex with each other. I worried about the internet police shutting us down.

    I like substituting "banana!" It's cute. Better than turnip. Lol! I understand where it might detract from a serious discussion, though. Perhaps there are more appropriate words that would work better. Might have to give this some thought.

    Time to play chauffeur for school. Hope you're having a great day/night/whatever time you're having right now!


    1. Hi Irishey, thank you so much for dropping by and reading this and my previous posts and for your comments. It's always lovely to hear from you and I really appreciate it.

      I am sorry I haven't been able to respond to your other comments. I promise to do better in future! I see you now have a blogger account so you no longer have to post as anon. Great!

      Wow, your experiences sound pretty racy - but you gotta do what you gotta do when you can't be together right? Lol

      Banana is cute I agree, and far better than turnip lol. Will have to give this some further thought. I'm not sure though that Rick is going to go for code words. He was far less worried than I was. Hmm, I guess as the spanker that might make sense he would be less worried? Lol

      Take care,


  7. Hi Ros,This is my first time commenting on your blog, though I have been a sneaky reader for a little while. It just made me laugh, sorry! My hubby works nights and we text like this too. I passed my phone to a friend to read a mutual friends message and she hit the wrong button. I swear I have never moved so fast to snatch my phone back, she guessed sex not spanking and I didn't set her right either. If I had to deal with the help desk I would throw my phone away, gosh this is so embarrassing to contemplate my face is red for you!!, Jan.x

    1. Hi Jan and welcome! Thank you so much for reading my blog and for commenting, it's lovely to meet you and always great to meet new friends.

      No need to apologise for laughing. I did too - once I got over feeling mortified Lol

      It's nice to know we aren't the only ones who text like this. We do spend a fair bit of time apart due to circumstances so text becomes our normal mode of communication when apart. I guess it's the same for you when your husband is on night shift. Do beware thought, because these things can happen!

      I can imagine you must have panicked when your friend almost saw your text messages! Of course, we have no way of knowing whether the help desk people read any of our messages. I think it's a blessing we don't know!

      Take care


  8. ROFL.....oh dear, Roz Sorry - I know it must have been mortifying.
    First THANKS! for the note on my 3RD blog! I really appreciate it, Sweetie.
    yikes! I can imagine you were horrified, but as you say, you didn't have to see anyone face to face. And you know, they have probably seen a lot more shocking in that line of work. I think it is sweet that you and Rick text these spanky things to each other. Ian would have kittens I think, should I text him some thing sexy or dd related. He is very conservative and generally cranky.
    Glad you got it all worked out.
    hugs and love

    1. Hi Lillie, you are most welcome, it's great to have you back :)

      I was rather mortified at the thought that these people may had read some of these messages. You are right though, they probably have seen a lot worse! Rick said the same thing.

      Lol, we only text spanky or dd related things, email is vanilla. I think I can imagine that Ian would have kittens if you sent him such a text.

      Hugs and love back at ya

  9. Hi Roz,
    I have been using cell phones since about 25 years. Since the enormous costs to my company (you cannot imagine what a car phone used to cost), I personally was in charged of all the companies cell phones.
    And I have never heard of this problem.
    One day you must tell us what message was in that text, that was able to block a full proof telephone system.
    Hugs and admiration,

    1. Hi Bas, LOL, we will never know the content of the offending text. However, I have to say sadly that I think it was actually a vanilla text as all of the 'saucy' text messages did seem to get through lol.

      I had never heard of this problem either before this. We are behind in our telecommunications in comparison to the rest of the world, especially our broadband.

      Hugs, Roz

  10. Sorry I missed your LOL day, Roz. I meant to make all the rounds but then it was work and the weekend and now I'm just catching up. So happy belated! :) I am always afraid about what people might see on my phone if I have to take it in. I recently got a new phone and they switched over all my pix, texts, etc, and I was cringing as the kid who was no more than 15 went through my phone, I feel like I scarred him. Aii!

    1. Hi Riley, Thank you for dropping by and for the belated wishes. I know what you mean about catching up, there were not enough hours on the day!

      Lol, I always feel the same way too when getting a new phone and switching over to the new one. We had to do this recently as we were on a network that was being shut down.

  11. I'm like Riley and I think I missed you on LOL Day. It was fun wasn't it? We don't really text because his phone is from his company and anything you text or email on any company's networks are open for scrutiny so all our texts are very vanilla.

    1. Hi Zoe, thank you so much for dropping by and for the comment, I really appreciate it. LOL day was heaps of fun, I was exhausted by the end, racing around visiting everyone! lol

      Sounds like you are wise with the phones under the circumstances. We only do this with texting, our emails etc are very vanilla.