Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter and update

Jello everybody, I just wanted to pop in to wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere Easter means spring. I sure hope you are starting to find some warmer weather after the winter you have endured!  Unfortunately for us though, that means autumn here and our clocks go back tomorrow night. It is still quite warm at the moment though.

I still have some great March questions to get to and have also been nominated by Renee Rose and Julia for The Real Neat Blog award. Thank you so much for the wonderful questions and nominations. Trying to write posts is still a pain in the a$$ for me with just a tablet so I may not be able to respond. I hope that is ok.

Things in Rick and Rozzi land have been good. Since my last post we have been playing more and having fun. That has also brought about a deeper connection.

I  know I have previously mentioned that the dynamic we had was a mixture of DD, D/s and also an element of Daddy/little girl. We don't age play, mostly for us we use these terms as a reminder of our roles. During the period of time ttwd has been missing we have continued to use these terms and I have continued to wear my collar (necklace).

We are slowly working through where we want ttwd to take us going forward. I am not sure what direction it will take us. When we called a halt Rick was struggling with the rules/consequences aspect to DD and said he felt he was playing a role and not being himself. However, he is rediscovering his Dominance and we both want to take things further than play. I have always craved general Dominance.

At the moment it's the Daddy/little side of us that seems to be manifesting itself. Lets just say that during play this little girl has developed a renewed enthusiasm for Daddy's .. um .. lollipop, a-hem.

You are beautiful and sexy and I am such a lucky man to be your Daddy and get to whip your behind.

Yep, that was a text from Rick the other day. How sweet lol