Thursday, 5 June 2014

Back to vanilla...for now

Hello blogland friends,

Now that you have (hopefully) recovered from finally seeing me appear in your blogger dashboard,  or equivalent, I want to say I am so sorry I have been awol for so long.  This has been due to the fact that my home computer died and we have STILL not replaced it! Huge thank you to Willie for publishing my last post letting you all know I would be awol for a while.

I also sincerely apologise to the wonderfully talented authors behind Milestones, the Dd anthology.  I had intended to post a review before the computer died. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The authors captured the essence of Dd brilliantly and I totally related to the characters and  the emotions in each story. This is  a follow up to Coming To Terms but also stands alone. I highly recommend both books if you have not read them.

I have been reading and commenting on my tablet but it is so difficult to write a post. I hope you will excuse any typos as a result.

Life has been chugging along. Work has been full on, plus we have a manager I just don't like. She is a micro manager. Super annoying!

There is some news on the Dd front. Rick and I are taking a break from being a Dd couple. Or a ttwd couple for that matter.

It is proving such a #@#$/ to post this so I will spare you the details, and myself the frustration of writing. For now we are back to being a vanilla couple, except for the occasional 'play' when the mood takes.

This is not what I want. I crave and need the power dynamic, but, it has to be right for both of us. Although there have been some periods when Dd worked well and there was consistency, Rick has always felt as though he was playing a part ... that he wasn't being himself.

Where does this leave us? I honestly don't know ... well, maybe I do because we have been here before. This wasn't our first try at Dd and the previous occasions ended in the same way. It's the deeper intimacy and connection that I miss. Although we won't be practicing Dd/ttwd anymore, I hope that we will take some of the benefits we have gained from it as we move forward.

I don't know yet what I will do with this blog. It no longer seems to have a purpose, or hold any appeal to me. One thing I do know though, I have made some amazing friends here and whether I continue blogging or not, I would love to be able to retain those friendships and connections. I hope you will remain in contact with me.

The friendships made in blogland run deep. I am so grateful and honoured to have shared our life, our story with you. I am so thankful for the wonderful support, encouragement and advice you have offered. It has meant more than I can adequately put into words.

Thank you blogland!