Friday, 6 February 2015

Beware Of The Clothes Peg!

I know, I have been awol from here for so long. Still having issues trying to write posts.  I wanted to pop on and tell you about last night, and I guess it is also a bit of a cautionary tale .. but firstly, a little update on what we've been up to.

Rick and I enjoyed most of the month of January on holiday from work. We enjoyed the summer weather with lots of day time outings and dates to cafes, favourite spots etc. I also managed to get a lot of those jobs done at home that you only tackle once in a blue moon.  Sadly, work resumed two weeks ago and we have been struggling to get back to normal routine. We have had some wonderful weather, but at the moment we are back to a little cooler  temperatures and howling gale winds and showers. Sigh.

This weekend is a long weekend for us with today  (Friday) being a public holiday.  It will be a busy weekend for us so I apologise in advance if I don't get to visit you this weekend. I see a lot of posts on my blog roll from yesterday and today.

Though I barely post now days, I do try and keep up with everyone. I am so thrilled at the arrivals of TL and Bucko's little  Buckaroo and EsMay and the Duke's little girl. Huge congratulations to all. I hope everyone is doing well and wish you the best.

I know a number of our friends are struggling right now with varying things. You are in my thoughts. Thoughts go out also to our friends in the Northern hemisphere dealing with extreme weather.

As most of you know, we haven't been practicing DD for quite some time now, and I don't know that it will return. Ttwd had pretty much disappeared too with no play. Last night, Rick decided he wanted to play. So, for the first time in ... forever, we played.  Anyway, this meant some spanky fun. OMG, do you know how much it hurts when you haven't been spanked for a long time? I was reacquainted with our nasty wooden spoon, which is more like a paddle, and Rick's belt. There was also some nipple tweaking, pinching and nipping and, yes Abby, kneeling:)

One thing Rick loves during play is to put clothes pegs on my nipples. I bulk and freak every time because man those suckers really hurt going on and worse when released! Thankfully, Rick gave me time to breathe and try and relax before putting the pegs on and taking them off, and did so slowly. OMG, did I mention the pain when they come off?!

After he had removed the pegs he was playing with one of them ... and it broke! We both looked at each other horrified with the same thought. What if it had broken as he was taking  it off my nipple! I hate to think about what could have happened. Imagine if we have had to have called emergency services!

The moral of my little story is only use newer pegs in good condition, or only use them to hang clothes lol. I'm not sure how keen I am on nipple clamps. If we got some Rick would only want to use them lol.

It felt so good to play again, and I can still feel the results. I wonder how long it will be before we play again.