Monday, 20 January 2014

Mixed Ramblings

As the title suggests, this is a post of mixed ramblings.  A snap shot of what has been happening in Rick and Rozzie land.  Not a particularly exciting post so please feel free to skip it if you like :)

We are still on (supposedly) summer vacation.  This week is meant to be our final week before returning to work next Monday.  However, I now have to take next Monday off work to assist a family member.  Also, the weather has been 'iffy' during the holiday so with that and me having to take a day next Monday we have decided to return to work tomorrow instead.  Sadly, that also means I may not be as present in blog land as I would like as we settle back into regular routine.  I hope you will forgive me.

We have enjoyed our time away from work and time together connecting and have had numerous daytime 'dates' going to favourite spots and cafes etc.  I really don't want our time together and dates to come to an end, but I suppose one has to return to reality at some point.

As I mentioned, the weather hasn't been fully cooperative.  It was been nice and warm but often cloudy with gale force winds which make it rather unpleasant to be outside and periods of rain.  This coming week we are meant to see a return to rain ... hence the return to work.  Given the awful freezing temperatures and conditions my Northern friends are currently experiencing I'm certainly not complaining ... not much anyway :)

DD wise, apart from the spanking start to the new year and lines I previously wrote about, DD has pretty much been in the background over the holiday.  I suppose I should say that the physical aspects of DD have been more in the background.  Rick has very much remained in control.  We have been having fun and are feeling connected.  I need to feel more of his dominance though in general terms.  I crave it and thrive on it.  Without it, I find it hard to maintain my submissiveness.

I always marvel at the ability of old habits to creep up on you and rear their ugly head.  Last Friday was one of those occasions.  The day started with having to hang around waiting for the plumber to turn up ... for the second time over the holiday's!  It was also release day for the Boss's new album ... which, of course, we had pre-ordered!  As you can imagine Rick was keen to get to the shop straight away to collect it.  It's not that long now before we head off to the concerts!

That morning I had also rung the vet as I knew we were fast running out of medication for our cat which I have previously mentioned we are nursing through cancer.  Rather than just collect more meds from the vet, we decided we should make an appointment and take her down to see him so that he could see how she was going etc as it had been a wee while since he had examined her.  It turned out the only appointment I could get was later that afternoon.

For some reason whenever I have an appointment, or something I have to be at at a given time, I start focusing on it and stressing about making it on time ... regardless of how much time I have up my sleeve beforehand.

We went into the town to collect the new album and run a few errands etc and true to form, I started stressing about getting back home and getting organised for the vet (which was still hours away) and as a result the control monster and Scrappy both started to rear their head.  I started snapping at Rick.  Reminding him we had to get back home and get the cat to the vet and generally being short with him constantly uttering 'we haven't got time!" ... when in fact we had plenty.

Things got worse when we got home and tried to collect the cat.  She was outside and Rick decided it was best to leave it to me to grab her worried that if both of us tried she would run off.  So out I went why he played on his phone.

The cat ended up under a car and in frustration I came back inside to grab the treats to try and coax her out.  Seeing Rick on his phone I snapped at him ... something along the lines of "you're not help" and stormed outside again.  Rick followed me out and together we eventually got her inside whereupon she initially managed to escape while trying to put her in the cage resulting in me actually yelling at Rick about closing doors etc.

I don't know why old habits come creep back in and respect and submission seem to fly out the window when I am stressed.  This is definitely a work in progress for me and something I so desperately wish I could better manage.

Afterwards I felt terrible for the way I had treated Rick and I still do.  I am sorry honey.  You certainly didn't deserve me yelling at you.

The vet was quite happy with how our baby is doing at the moment.  She is holding her own well and the steroids have boosted her no end and also got her eating quite well and she has put on some weight.  We discussed chemo, but his opinion is that in her case chemo is not a cure and would only (hopefully) help with the symptoms.  He does not want to start her on it now but it is something we can look at a little further down the track if she deteriorates.

There was a funny moment during the consultation.  The poor cat was so stressed that she just sat there on the table and was very compliant ... he he.  I asked the vet if he could give her her medication for the day since we were there and all.  Well, this floppy complaint cat upped and hissed at him straight away as soon as he had given her the pill.

So this is it ... holiday ends and return to work ... and it seems Mother Nature decided to end our holiday with a bang as this afternoon we were hit with a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.  The epicentre was quite some distance away but it was felt strongly here.  There have been numerous aftershocks but fortunately we haven't felt them.  It has, however meant some disruption to services including public transport.  Trains are out for now while tracks are checked etc and some areas are without power.

Just to finish I thought I would share a funny conversation we had the other day.  We were sitting on a bench at a lookout admiring the view when bee started flying around my head.  I had a terrible experience being attacked by a swarm of honey bees as a child and as a result have a phobia of the blasted things.

Don't move

Oh what!  Do I smell nice and pretty or something?  Do they think I'm a flower or something because they always seem to hang around me

Mmm yes you do.  Honey, if I was a bee I'd land on you

Umm, corny but sweet.  Not sure how that would rate as a pick up line? LoL

Have a good week everyone :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Book Review - Editorial Board By Anastasia Vitsky

I was thrilled and excited to win a copy of Editorial Board by our very own Anastasia Vitsky in Ana's individual blog competition over at Governing Ana as part of the 2013 Spank or Treat blog hop.  It has taken me a while to get the chance to sit down and read this and therefore to write this review.  Ana I apologise :)  I have to say though, it was well worth the wait!

Ana offered me a number of titles to chose from and I decided upon Editorial Board.  I chose this book because I liked its premise and the main character, Spring Meadows (yes, you read right.  She also has   sister's Autumn and Summer) sounded appealing to me.  She sounded as though she could be rather Scrappy and that I would therefore relate well to her :)

Spring is an award-winning author struggling to come up with her next best seller when her publisher hires new editor Rachel Templeton.  Sure that her talents as a best selling author single-handedly keep the company afloat she initially views Rachel as an intrusion to her work and writing and is not sure she is up to the job of editor.  After all, Rachel's background is mainly as a newspaper editor.

I wasn't wrong in thinking Spring was a character with 'attitude'.  I just loved her!  She is, quite simply a brat, but there is far more to her underneath the brattiness.  She has issues and insecurities.  Rachel wants to guide and help Spring and help her reach her goals as an author.  Can Spring accept her help?  I guess you will have to read the book to find out :)

Ana has a wonderful writing style that draws you into the characters and keeps you enthralled from beginning to end.  I really enjoyed the interplay between the two characters.

I found this book thoroughly entertaining.  Spring's inner voice and many of the interactions between the two characters make for plenty of humour which made it an enjoyable read and had me laughing all the way through.  However, it is also a emotional and sweet story.  It is a relatively short story which personally is good for me, but it definitely left me wanting more!

Another character in the book is Spring's, not always so faithful companion, cat Victoria who is as feisty as her owner and wants everything on her own terms.  There are a number of humourous interactions between them and Victoria also gets up to her own antics.  I fell in love with her too :)

By the way

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Speeding Ticket

There are moments in a DD wife/TiH's life.  We all have them ... and don't try to tell me you don't! :)

Yep.  Those moments.

Those moments where your heart pounds in your chest so fast you think it's going to burst.  Blood rushes to your ears and your stomach drops to your feet.

Those "I'm soo in trouble" moments.

I had one of those moments yesterday.

I emptied the mailbox.  An everyday occurrence.  No biggie ... except for what it contained.  An unfamiliar looking envelope.  It didn't look like a regular bill so I thought I better open it pronto and what did I see?


A Police infringement notice for speeding.  A fine!  OMG ... No, it can't be!  Rick is going to kill me ... or at least my backside!

After panicking for a bit I then studied the details on the notice (date, time, location etc) and slowly started breathing again.

It was Rick not me!!  I was sure of it!


I then started to shake my head and I confess to having a little laugh to myself.  Yes with relief but also the irony of the situation.

I phoned Rick to give him the good bad news.  I confess part of me relished telling him.  Is that un-submissive of me?  Mean even?

I told him all the details.  It was you! I said.  After talking for a little while he said "Well, I guess we accept it was me" followed later by "You're just glad it wasn't you" ... uh, ya think??

Fortunately the speed was minimally over the limit and the fine small.  In fact, more than anything we are slightly annoyed they issued it ... but I guess the law is the law.  So we grudgingly pay it and that's the end of it. (I should clarify that it was my car being driven at the time of the infringement which is registered in my name.  Hence, the infringement was issued to me).

Now, of course if it had have been my fine we all know how that would have ended up!  Unfair I say!

Fess up.  You all thought this was going to be a tale of how I got my tail burnt for getting a speeding ticket.  Am I right? :)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Off To A Spanking Start

Well, this has definitely not been the start to the new year I had hoped for. For a start, so much for summer!  The rain is pouring down as I write with extremely strong gale force winds.  It has been fairly warm though.

New year's eve did not go at all as we had planned.  An external situation occurred and that was the end of the celebrations as we had to deal with that.  Or rather, Rick did.  I am not proud at all to say Scrappy reared her head full force.  Worse, I'm ashamed to say it was a full on tantrum and I also completely distanced myself from Rick.  Even took myself off to the spare bed in my stupor.  Yeah ... ouch! 

Well, he was having none of that let me tell you!  I was quickly dragged back out of the spare bed, marched into our room and bent over our bed. And so dear friends, this is the sad tale of how Roz managed to get spanked very early into the new year!

He was angry.  Very angry.  I knew from the fact he used the belt.  For some reason he doesn't tend to use the belt for discipline or role affirmation spankings.  It mainly tends to get used for fun ... ha!  I want to clarify too that yes, he was angry, but remained totally in control the whole time.  There were no raised voices, angry words or overly harsh spanks.

It doesn't just end there.  Oh no, there is more!  Shortly I will be sitting down to write 200 lines ... and have another spanking over my head for not following bedtime orders (for the umpteenth time!).   Let me tell you, waiting for a spanking truly sucks!

Honestly, I don't know what has gotten into me.  Why my submissiveness has suddenly taken a hike.  Or perhaps I do.  DD for us has been more in the background recently and it's amazing when that happens how old coping mechanisms and habits can literally come back to bite you in the a#$.  All I know is that I need to get my act together.

After the spanking we talked about how things had taken a back seat lately and Rick said he took responsibility and that it was a case of letting life get in the way and that he was going to get us back on track.  I acknowledged that I hadn't been playing my part either.

Well, I guess you could say we are getting back on track!

I am honestly glad he did step up and spank me for my behaviour new years eve.  It really showed me that, even though DD had taken a bit of a back seat lately, and there was a pressing situation demanding his attention he remains committed to us and to this lifestyle.

That makes me happy.

Now, if I can just get my act together!