Friday, 24 February 2012

Choosing Your Wardrobe

A word of caution for the ladies - choose your wardrobe carefully!!

We were forecast extremely strong, gale force winds for today.  Knowing this when I got dressed this morning, I chose to wear a flowing skirt.  Mainly because I know it is one Rick loves.

The wind turned out to be far more ferocious than I thought.  So strong the doors on the elevators in the building I work in struggled to close against the wind howling through the foyer.  Needless to say, every time we ventured outside I had one hand trying to hold down my skirt, and the other holding on to Rick for dear life (who was either trying to hold me back from taking off, or dragging me forward).

He was highly amused by all this and told me he didn't want anybody else getting a peek at what is his.

Also, I had a meeting that lasted most of the day today so I told Rick I wasn't sure when we would break for lunch and that I would just have to text him when we break.  I suggested that perhaps he could get the lunch together and meet me as soon as I text in the interest of saving time.  He agreed to this.

Later on I thanked him for dropping everything and meeting me at such short notice.  I happened to cheekily mention that it's not very often I get to call the shots.  He told me he was happy to oblige me today - but enjoy it while it lasts!

What a guy - I love this man!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Verdict

Well folks, the waiting is now (thankfully) over.  I was punished for my major rant at Rick last Saturday.

After (another - sigh!) royal lecture (I tell you, the man really is the king of lectures) where I was told my behaviour was nothing short of a tantrum, childish and totally inappropriate and unacceptable and that he would not tolerate anything even remotely similar in future, I was spanked with the leather paddle.  It was a serious and very hard spanking.   

Rick told me he wanted the punishment to be one I would remember and a real lesson to treat him with the respect he deserves, always ...  and it was, believe me!  My feelings of dread all week and hunch that this would be a serious spanking punishment proved warranted.  Previous punishments have in the main been for things like breaking rules.  This was the first for disrespectful behaviour and turned out to be the most serious I have had so far.  After it was over, Rick held and soothed me and we enjoyed the rest of the evening together and shared a wonderful closeness.  Although my bottom was burning, I felt so contented and loved.  

Although having to wait almost a week to face the music was a killer we had a fabulous week together leading up to the spanking.  I was very contrite, respectful and obedient and Rick spent every opportunity during the week to tell me he loves me and was so gentle and attentive.  The looming punishment in a sense brought us even closer together and more intimate.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

One More Sleep - Part 1

I am currently waiting, contemplating a pending punishment.  It turns out sending a rant via text to your HoH is not the smartest move a girl can make.  Who knew!

Waiting for punishment really sucks, let me tell you!  Due to our circumstances punishments are not always able to be carried out immediately.  This time I have had to wait almost a week - but the wait is almost over, I am to be punished tomorrow - one more sleep!

I hate being in the situation of waiting for punishment.  It is there gnawing away on my mind from time to time, making it extremely difficult to think about anything else.  What will it be?  How harsh will it be?  What can I do to get out of it/mitigate it?  (Oops, did I say that?) That awful feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach comes and goes.

Rick, of course, has the task of determining the punishment so I am sure it is also on his mind, although he doesn't show it.  If he is not ready/able to punish immediately due to circumstances or because he feels he needs time to give consideration to the punishment, he carries on as normal and goes about his normal daily routine until he decides it is time.  I am sure this is not entirely the case but it is how it appears to me.

In my last post I mentioned I have a bit of an OCD streak that occasionally gets me into trouble.  It is the OCD that has got me into my current predicament.  Well, that's my story anyway.

Last Sunday I had planned certain chores and things around the home I wanted to get done before the start of the working week.  Rick had other plans for me, he wanted to spend the afternoon out enjoying each others company as he wasn't going to be home that night.

Well, all the chores I wanted to do prayed on my mind and my attitude was less than in should have been during our outing.  I whined and moaned about all I still had to do and in the end Rick told me you will do this, that and the other and the rest can wait, as it wasn't really necessary for me to complete everything that night and there also wouldn't be enough time.  I made it plain that I wasn't happy with this directive.

Later that evening I got myself so worked up trying to get everything done I had been told to and feeling very niggled about the jobs I was not permitted to tackle that night.  I decided I have better text Rick to let him know where I was at and that I was complying with what he had told me.  Unfortunately, the text turned into an outlet for me to vent my frustration.

I got a fairly swift reply that left me in no doubt that he was not happy!  He told me my rant was totally unacceptable and that we would "talk" about it - (yeah right, I know what "talk" means buddy!)

The next day we had a bit of a discussion about my rant - well, I should say Rick started the lecture.    Let me tell you, the man is the king of the lecture!  He explained how my rant had made him feel, that my whole attitude during out outing made him feel unimportant and that I would rather have been left alone to get the chores completed that I wanted to do.  He also explained that he does try to understand my need for things to be orderly and always tries to cater for that in planning.  Hearing how my actions had affected him made me feel awful and some tears were shed, followed by Rick comforting me.  He is the master of the lecture but also the master of providing after care.

During the lecture Rick also told me he considered it a serious issue and that had it have happened face to face I would have been over the bed so fast my head would spin and the paddle given a good work out.  This is the first time I have shown such blatant disrespect and the first punishment for such behaviour and I get the feeling that maybe he plans to make a statement.

Rick then said he was considering punishment but he could almost certainly tell me I would be spanked - hence the wait.  I mentioned that I don't like having to wait and that waiting is hard.  His reply was that maybe I should think about that the next time I am tempted to send such a disrespectful text.

Sigh! - one more sleep!

Will keep you posted.

Friday, 10 February 2012

What Would They Say?

One of the challenges of a dd relationship is not being able to openly discuss it with family and friends (unless they also practice dd).

My parents dropped in unannounced last Saturday and found me in the middle of dusting, polishing etc.  They usually find me engaged in such activities whenever they drop in unannounced at the weekend and this time my father said "you know, you really don't have to do this every week.  It doesn't really need it".  I bit my lip, smiled to myself and replied "oh yes I do".  You see, one of my rules is that all housework must be completed by Saturday afternoon each week.  Rick likes to ensure the house is always kept clean and tidy.  So do I.  Truth be told I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive (which occasionally gets me in trouble).

I should clarify (in case you are wondering  - and in case he reads this!) Rick does get involved in housework and general chores around the home.  In fact, he is great in this respect, but having the rule in place ensures that the house is maintained.

I told him about Dad's comment and he also saw the funny side and irony.

Hmm, do I listen to Dad or Rick?  Let me think for a minute...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Breaking In The Paddle

My husband and I purchased a new leather paddle a couple of weeks ago that he hadn't yet had a chance to use (can you see my halo?).  Sadly for me, my luck ran out last night.  I had made some minor mistakes during the week which were discussed but my husband decided upon leniency and just told me I had better not make these mistakes again.

Well, last night I broke another rule.  Given the leniency my husband had shown during the week and the fact that rules are taken very seriously in our house and are something he is very strict on, I was immediately sent to the bedroom to await my fate.

When my husband came into the room, I was bent over the bed, he bared my bottom and, yes, you guess it - out came that damn paddle.

At first I thought "this doesn't seem so bad" but with the combination of my husband's increasing force and as the spanking progressed, I discovered the paddle did indeed have some bite to it!

....That was last night....

....This morning....

We were lying in bed together cuddling and talking.  The subject of the new paddle and the spanking the previous night came up.  The unbelievable then happened.  Stupidity set in and my mouth ran away without my brain.  You wives know what I'm talking about!  Why oh why do we do it??

Anyway, I started teasing and goading my husband and suggested he had been glad of an excuse to use his new toy.  He asked me if I wanted another spanking and told me he would be happy to oblige.

I immediately said no.  He then said he was going to call my bluff and swiftly reached into the bedside drawer.  Out came the new toy once again and I was quickly pulled over his knee for a second meeting with the paddle in a relatively short period of time.

I guess you could say the paddle has been broken in!  My bottom would certainly attest to that today!!

With These Hands

My husband likes to tease me with these Bruce Springsteen lyrics (of whom we are huge fans) at times when my attitude starts to get the better of me and/or respect starts to wain.

Although it is said (or sung!) in a light tone, I know it is a warning that I better get my attitude in check and/or show more respect. It is a warning I (usually) heed.

I like to refer to my husband's right hand as the "bad" or "evil" hand. You see, it is his dominant hand and therefore the one he predominantly spanks with. I also refer to his left hand as the "good" or "nice" hand as it seems to be the hand he predominantly caresses with. Coincidence or not???