Sunday, 1 March 2015

100,100 ... and some spanking too :)

Hi all, I hope all our friends in the Northern hemisphere are staying safe and warm!

My dashboard told me last night that my little corner of blogland has reached 100,100 views. Wow! I thought that was such a cool number I just wanted to share. It's small compared to some blogs, but it's big to me:)

When I started this blog I had no idea how far I would go with it, how long I would keep posting and whether anybody would be interesting in reading. I have been amazed at the encouragement and support I have found in this community and the wonderful friendships I have made here. I want to offer my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your encouragement, comments and advice, both on and off blog have helped Rick and I negotiate our relationship and what DD/ttwd means for us more than I can say.

As you know, we haven't been practicing DD for quite some time now and ttwd has been pretty much non-existent too. I mentioned in my previous post that we had played for the first time in ages.

We are getting to the point where we both desire to bring back some elements of ttwd. It's a matter of how to go about it. I'm glad to say since my last post, we have played again, on a minor scale. Minus clothes pegs I might add! Rick seems to be becoming spank happy again!

Then there was today. We were standing together kissing and cuddling and all of sudden I felt Rick's hand fisting my hair. This progressed to pulling my hair and me ending up on my knees at his feet. He kept me there for a moment stroking my hair and talking to me then pulled me up again.

Next thing I know he had unzipped my jeans and is leading me to the couch and over his knee. He talked as he spanked. Telling me how he enjoys hearing my breathing quicken, my moans and ouches and watching my bottom turn pink. He even had the nerve to laugh as he spanked at one point. Humph!

We had to leave to be somewhere so the spanking was short. After he was finished he said I needed that, and so did you. Hmm, maybe he was right:)

On a side note have you seen 'the dress' on the Internet and the debate over whether it is blue and black or white and gold? Rick and I were debating this prior to the spanking.  I definitely see it as blue and black whereas Rick sees white and gold in some of the pictures and blue and black in others. Anyway, while he was spanking at one point he made a comment about how nice and pink my bottom had become. I was so tempted to ask if he was sure it was pink, not some other colour. I decided biting my lip was a better option!

On a final note, it's now the 2nd of March (here) which must mean Q&A month in blogland.