Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sex, Spanking and Rock 'N' Roll

I just had to come here and post so that I could use the title lol.

That was what Rick told me the other day our Saturday night would consist of ... and he delivered :)

Things have been busy here and unfortunately, this meant there hasn't been much play recently. Vanilla life seems to have taken over. There has been a recent birth in the family so I am trying to soak up as many baby cuddles as I can.

Mother Nature it seems has also had a bit to say. It is getting a lot colder now as we head to winter. We had torrential rain a couple of weeks ago which caused major flooding, public transport to grind to a halt and general chaos. However, we have since had some lovely, allbeit chilly days. We also had a fairly sizable earthquake a few weeks back.

Back to what you really want to know about ... the title.

As I said above, there hasn't been much play recently and this weekend is a long weekend here (Queen's Birthday weekend). We therefore planned a night Saturday to ourselves to reconnect and just enjoy each others company. In discussing the weekend Rick said sex, spanking and rock ' N ' roll lol.

It was a night of all three. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, some sounds, caught up on a couple of shows on tv and watched a movie. It wasn't uninterrupted though with a brief visit from a friend.

Later came time for the sex and spanking part of the night.

On my knees, his fingers pulling my hair and then pinching and pulling my nipples,  his hand at my throat and covering my mouth. I was guided to suck him by his hands in my hair.

Over the bed for a spanking with the leather paddle. Rick has taken to a new technique of spanking from side to side with a flicking motion. It hurts and I became rather vocal. He has also taken to using the paddle lightly on my back and thighs. That is heaven :) During this he was regularly checking to see how a certain part of me was responding.

He then had me stand with my arms above my head and his hands were every where at once. Once again pinching and pulling at my nipples. Next he proceeded to paddle me gently all over, paying particular attention to my breasts.

I'm sure you know how the rest goes :) It was a wonderful, and very late night.