Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Verdict

Well folks, the waiting is now (thankfully) over.  I was punished for my major rant at Rick last Saturday.

After (another - sigh!) royal lecture (I tell you, the man really is the king of lectures) where I was told my behaviour was nothing short of a tantrum, childish and totally inappropriate and unacceptable and that he would not tolerate anything even remotely similar in future, I was spanked with the leather paddle.  It was a serious and very hard spanking.   

Rick told me he wanted the punishment to be one I would remember and a real lesson to treat him with the respect he deserves, always ...  and it was, believe me!  My feelings of dread all week and hunch that this would be a serious spanking punishment proved warranted.  Previous punishments have in the main been for things like breaking rules.  This was the first for disrespectful behaviour and turned out to be the most serious I have had so far.  After it was over, Rick held and soothed me and we enjoyed the rest of the evening together and shared a wonderful closeness.  Although my bottom was burning, I felt so contented and loved.  

Although having to wait almost a week to face the music was a killer we had a fabulous week together leading up to the spanking.  I was very contrite, respectful and obedient and Rick spent every opportunity during the week to tell me he loves me and was so gentle and attentive.  The looming punishment in a sense brought us even closer together and more intimate.


  1. Roz, I just found your blog via a comment you left on Christina's. Welcome to the blogging world! You're a good writer, and I look forward to reading more of your perspective.

  2. Kevan, Thank you so much for your comment. I am new to the blogging world so your feedback is a real boost and much appreciated. I have seen your blog and like your style and find your posts interesting. It is great to hear the man's perspective. I look forward to hearing more from you and wish you and your wife the very best.