Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thank You Bonnie

Thanks Bonnie

I hope it's not too late to show my appreciation to Bonnie. 

Thank you Bonnie, for being the glue that holds this amazing online community together. The warm welcome you extend to new bloggers via your I
n With The New additions and the encouragement, support and advice you offer.

When we started out in ttwd I was a lurker on your site and it helped me a great deal in figuring out what ttwd was and what it meant for us.  When I took the plunge and started my own blog, I was so excited when I saw my little blog on your site.  My blog has grown since then and your site continues to send most of the traffic my way.  

I truly appreciate your efforts and all you do to keep this wonderful community together.  Your openness, willingness to answer questions and inclusiveness. 

Thank You -  from the 'bottom' of my heart!


  1. We all have such similar stories...wasn't it a thrill to first be listed? :) MBS is the most inclusive place/site/"thing" I have been part of, and I love it.

  2. Oh...forgot to say no it's not too late and yes I listed you in the guestbook. :)

    1. Hi Ana, it certainly was a huge thrill when I say my little blog of MBS, Bonnie certainly is the glue that holds our little community together. Many of us would be here if it wasn't for her.

      I am proud to have been a a part of Bonnie appreciation day. Thank you for your part in organising this.

  3. Never too late to say Thank You Bonnie!
    Happy Bonnie Appreciation Day!

    1. Thank you so much for arranging this well deserved day for Bonnie. I am proud to be a part of it. Bonnie really is the glue that holds our little community together.

  4. Hi Roz, and thank you for this lovely post.

    There is often a natural progression from lurker to commenter to blogger. Not everyone goes the distance (and it's not mandatory), but those that do are rewarded with friendship and support from a remarkable community. I'm proud to count you among my blogging friends!


    1. Hi Bonnie, you are so welcome. It is so well deserved and I hope you enjoyed your special day and reading all the wonderful posts in your honor.

      I am proud to be a member of MBS, thank you so much again for all you do in this community.

      I am so glad I progressed from being a lurker. It is amazing the support and encouragement to be found among fellow bloggers and sad to think I may have missed out on that. it took me quite a long time to start my own blog and commenting on others but I am so glad I did.

      Thank you for getting my little blog started and for the continued traffic you send my way. (((Hugs)))