Friday, 14 September 2012

Blogging Ban

Hi all, I am Rick and I have the great privilege and honour of being Roz's husband and HoH. Unfortunately, I have had to ban Roz from the blogging world for a little while due to her staying up too late at night. This is hard on the heels of a spanking that I administered to her for the same thing.

I am supportive of Roz and her blogging and I know that she derives great enjoyment and insight from all the blogs she follows. But I made it clear to Roz that if I thought the blogging was either becoming too much of an obsession or she was staying up too late then I would stand her down.  

It has recently become apparent to me that Roz has been taking blogging a little too seriously in general.  This has also resulted in her staying up far too late on her computer reading blogs and and working on this blog.

As I am sure you can understand this is not good for her health, which is my main concern. She has a full time job to contend with and therefore early mornings and she was going to work exhausted.

As well as standing Roz down from blogging, there have also been other consequences (which I'm sure she will elaborate on further in due course). I have to say I have been impressed with her attitude so far and how she has handled the situation. She has gone out of her way to show her commitment to me and to our relationship and is showing me the greatest respect.

I didn't want to have to stand Roz down. However, I felt this was a situation I could not allow to continue for Roz's own sake.

I am sorry it has taken me a few days to post this, but rest assured Roz will be back with you shortly.


  1. Hi Rick. Thanks for letting us know where Roz is. We know you are taking good care of her and hope to see her back here soon.

  2. Because I have a limit on computer time, I rarely blog, because I try to read and learn from other bloggers. And of course there is the regular emails and facebook from the people who I know personally. My husband finally gave me a "all I want to" time when he's gone doing something fun himself, like fishing. If I go over on my time on other days, I get my "all I want to day" taken away, along with the usual punishment. Knowing that free day is coming, helps me stick to my time better. God Bless You Both, Belle L.

  3. I can see how that can happen, I do. I have online limits and I hate them...really HATE them, but it does keep me from the bad habit of wasting too much time online.

    Hope she comes back soon.

    Thanks, Rick..for the explanation.