Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Trouble With Texting

I have been feeling good lately with the fact that I haven't been in any sort of trouble with Rick for a little while.  We have been enjoying life together and things have been great between us.  Over the last couple of weeks we have attended a wedding and birthday celebrations with friends.

Well, the bubble has sadly burst and I find myself in trouble once again.  Much to my own disappointment and worse, the knowledge that I have disappointed Rick.

As I have mentioned before, we are not always able to be together and during times apart we rely on regular contact via text.

When Rick is home he determines bedtime.  When apart, unless I text him to say I am heading to bed first, he will text and tell me to head to bed when he feels the time is right (usually when he decides to turn in himself).  He does this because I am terrible about going to bed.  I don't usually, on my own accord, head to bed at a reasonable enough hour to get adequate sleep and consequently am usually sleep deprived and running on adrenalin most of the time.  It doesn't help that I suffer on and off with insomnia.  Rick is never unreasonable about bedtimes.  In fact, we usually still end up going to bed too late!

The other night I made the mistake of leaving my phone in another room instead of having it on me.  It was looming bedtime when I knew Rick would be texting at any moment with his usual bedtime call.  It did occur to me that I should retrieve the phone so that I didn't miss his text, and also that I should probably start making bedtime preparations anyway.  But - for some reason, I know not what, I didn't and as a consequence it was close to 20 minutes after he sent the text that I finally saw it.  I quickly replied and apologised and said I would get organised and into bed straight away.  The result was that I was in bed far later than he wanted.  (It takes me so long to get organised!).

We discussed this yesterday (well, Rick did most of the talking!) and, as well as my failure to have my phone handy to ensure I didn't miss his bedtime text, Rick also told me I was not keeping in contact when we are apart as much as he would expect.  As a result, I now have a set time by which I must text him in the evening when we are apart, and a timeframe within which I am to respond to his texts.  He also said we will "talk" more about what happened the other night and that he is considering whether any further action is warranted on his part. (Darn!)

So - I now wait for him to make his decision and for further "discussion".  In the meantime I think I will ensure I keep my phone glued to me and my finger poised over the reply button!! - Sigh!!

Better end this post - I have a text to send!

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