Sunday, 11 March 2012


I was feeling a little mischievous this morning (or is that dangerous? reckless?) and decided to wind my wonderful husband up.  It also happened to be on a subject he is passionate about.

Deciding perhaps it may be timely (and very wise!) to call it quits, I cheekily conceded that perhaps I shouldn't be attempting to wind him up or annoy him.

His response ....

Remember what Confucius said - Wind up your husband, soon have sore bottom!

Don't think I've heard that one before, I said.  My husband assured me it was one of his most famous sayings and one he thought all dd wives would know!

I repeated that it certainly wasn't one I knew and he replied sure you will remember it from now on, won't you?

Hmm - I sure hope so - the next time I feel a little mischievous!!!

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