Friday, 9 March 2012

Lesson Learned

I have been going through a phase for the last two weeks, one my husband hasn't been too impressed with!  For some inexplicable reason I have been breaking several rules, one after the other, and even the same rules several times!

What has gotten into me?  I don't know.  I have not been on my game, not been as respectful and obedient to my husband as I should be.  Am I testing the boundaries?  Am I getting a tad lazy?  The truth is that I honestly don't know, but I think perhaps in some part it is a combination of the above.

My husband has been most patient and (thankfully) lenient, particularly given that keeping to the rules is usually something he is very strict on.  Perhaps this leniency in part contributed to the continuing rule breaking?

Each episode was discussed and I received several lectures and finally told I was on a "final warning" and if the rule breaking continued I would be spanked.

Come on girl, what has gotten into you?  Focus, get back on track.  You can do it - unless you want to end up OTK - hmm -  no, thank you very much!

The other day I made a decision that I considered minor and one I never considered my husband would be concerned about.  Decision made, I acted upon it and told my husband afterwards believing he would have no problem with it.


Turns out it indeed was a decision I should have discussed with him - and apparently I should have known that (argh!).  He told me that although the decision was minor, it was the principle.  How can he lead us and make good decisions for us if I go ahead and make decisions without him?  It undermined his position as our leader and was therefore also disrespectful to him.


I was spanked for it.  He told me this was the last straw on top of all the rule breaking lately which he had been lenient on.  I was totally blindsided.  I honestly hadn't thought about how my actions undermined him and thought he would be fine with it.


Before any punishment my husband always makes a point of explaining why I am to be punished and I am required to acknowledge my actions and apologise.  He also makes a point of explaining what he wants me to "take" from the punishment and what I should do the next time in the same situation.


During any punishment my husband usually tells me what he expects of me and asks me questions to "test" that the message is getting through.  Why does he do that??  does he not realise my mind is focussed elsewhere and not on answering questions? Argh!!!  Well, you guessed it.  I delivered some ill-considered responses which earned me extra swats.


After punishment my husband asks me what I have learned from it and what I should do next time.  I am required to answer him and apologise.

Lesson learned!  - I now understand that by not involving him in decisions (even those I think may be minor) I am undermining his authority and being disrespectful.

I think I am also over my "phase" now.  At least, I hope so!!

btw - It is not a good idea to leave an open can of cat food unattended on the kitchen bench just before a spanking!! 

Once the spanking was over, my husband left me in position for a little while to think about why I was punished.  (His version of post spanking corner time).  During this time he went into the kitchen and discovered the cat on the bench emptying the can - Oops!!

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  1. Ugh. I hate that post-time. Corner or staying in position.