Friday, 24 February 2012

Choosing Your Wardrobe

A word of caution for the ladies - choose your wardrobe carefully!!

We were forecast extremely strong, gale force winds for today.  Knowing this when I got dressed this morning, I chose to wear a flowing skirt.  Mainly because I know it is one Rick loves.

The wind turned out to be far more ferocious than I thought.  So strong the doors on the elevators in the building I work in struggled to close against the wind howling through the foyer.  Needless to say, every time we ventured outside I had one hand trying to hold down my skirt, and the other holding on to Rick for dear life (who was either trying to hold me back from taking off, or dragging me forward).

He was highly amused by all this and told me he didn't want anybody else getting a peek at what is his.

Also, I had a meeting that lasted most of the day today so I told Rick I wasn't sure when we would break for lunch and that I would just have to text him when we break.  I suggested that perhaps he could get the lunch together and meet me as soon as I text in the interest of saving time.  He agreed to this.

Later on I thanked him for dropping everything and meeting me at such short notice.  I happened to cheekily mention that it's not very often I get to call the shots.  He told me he was happy to oblige me today - but enjoy it while it lasts!

What a guy - I love this man!


  1. Dropping everything for your Lady, that is old fashioned chivalry.
    Most people don't recognize that anymore.

    1. Hi Bas, I totally agree. It is such a shame chivalry is almost non existent now days. Most guys don't know whether to make a chivalrous gesture or not now days for fear of being brushed off.

      There are a lot of us Women though that still do appreciate such gestures :)