Saturday, 4 August 2012

Happiness is ...

.... a good week and a good review!

In this post I explained how my husband and I undertake weekly reviews of how the week has been.  This is also an opportunity to review how I have been going.  If there have been any transgressions during the week I am punished.  If not, there is no punishment.

We had our review this evening and you know what?  My husband said we had had a lovely week together and he is very proud of my efforts during the week.

I don't mean to brag.  Ok, you got me, yes I do.  I just wanted to post this because it feels so good to hear those words from my husband and it is what I hope to hear at each review.  Unfortunately though, I think this is only the second review I haven't been spanked.  Embarrassing as it is to admit that.

There is one slight hitch though.  There was one tiny, weeny, itty bitty issue - I had made a bill payment   late.  For this, I will be writing lines tomorrow night (blick!).  But right now, I'll bask in the happiness and enjoy the rest of the night with my wonderful husband.

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