Sunday, 22 July 2012

Protective HoH

It's not rocket science to most of us that ttwd makes our husband's feel more protective.  This protectiveness is also the foundation to many rules.  Fair enough I guess, do nothing dangerous is one of the 4 d's after all isn't it?

It can sometimes be a little frustrating however.  Particularly when there is something you really really really want to do, or somewhere you really, really, really want to go and protective hubby emerges and says no with a capital N Argh!

Yesterday afternoon I went out to spend some girl time with some friends.  Whenever I go out, if my husband is not home when I leave he insists that I inform him via text when I am leaving so that he knows I am on the road.  He also likes me to text him when I return home if he is not there so that he knows I am back safe.  He will sometimes insist on this even if I am just going to the supermarket!  Hassle anyone??

Anyway, hubby was going to be out for the evening so would not be home when I returned.  I got home and had some chores to catch up on.  I knew I should text him as soon as I got home to let him know I was back.  But, you guessed it, Nope, I got stuck into the chores I had to finish instead and didn't text.  A little while later the following text arrived.

Babe, thought I would have heard from you by now.  What are you up to???

Oops!  Rick was obviously not too happy, and worried (this is never a good thing).  A point he reinforced when he got home (thankfully not with a spanking)!

Yep, the uber protective hubby can be frustrating and can really hamper a girl.

I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love that he feels so protective of me, it makes me feel cared for.  He has always been protective but it's something else that has increased ten fold with ttwd.


  1. I am glad that his protectiveness makes you feel cared for. :)