Sunday, 5 February 2012

With These Hands

My husband likes to tease me with these Bruce Springsteen lyrics (of whom we are huge fans) at times when my attitude starts to get the better of me and/or respect starts to wain.

Although it is said (or sung!) in a light tone, I know it is a warning that I better get my attitude in check and/or show more respect. It is a warning I (usually) heed.

I like to refer to my husband's right hand as the "bad" or "evil" hand. You see, it is his dominant hand and therefore the one he predominantly spanks with. I also refer to his left hand as the "good" or "nice" hand as it seems to be the hand he predominantly caresses with. Coincidence or not???


  1. Í'm a bit late with commenting.
    I have the same kind of hands. Possibly connected with different functions in our left and right brain sides.

    1. Hi Bas, Welcome! Wow, you did do some back reading - I'm impressed! - thank you :)

      Lol, I think the hands thing must be an HoH'y thing :)