Sunday, 5 February 2012

Breaking In The Paddle

My husband and I purchased a new leather paddle a couple of weeks ago that he hadn't yet had a chance to use (can you see my halo?).  Sadly for me, my luck ran out last night.  I had made some minor mistakes during the week which were discussed but my husband decided upon leniency and just told me I had better not make these mistakes again.

Well, last night I broke another rule.  Given the leniency my husband had shown during the week and the fact that rules are taken very seriously in our house and are something he is very strict on, I was immediately sent to the bedroom to await my fate.

When my husband came into the room, I was bent over the bed, he bared my bottom and, yes, you guess it - out came that damn paddle.

At first I thought "this doesn't seem so bad" but with the combination of my husband's increasing force and as the spanking progressed, I discovered the paddle did indeed have some bite to it!

....That was last night....

....This morning....

We were lying in bed together cuddling and talking.  The subject of the new paddle and the spanking the previous night came up.  The unbelievable then happened.  Stupidity set in and my mouth ran away without my brain.  You wives know what I'm talking about!  Why oh why do we do it??

Anyway, I started teasing and goading my husband and suggested he had been glad of an excuse to use his new toy.  He asked me if I wanted another spanking and told me he would be happy to oblige.

I immediately said no.  He then said he was going to call my bluff and swiftly reached into the bedside drawer.  Out came the new toy once again and I was quickly pulled over his knee for a second meeting with the paddle in a relatively short period of time.

I guess you could say the paddle has been broken in!  My bottom would certainly attest to that today!!


  1. yes, it is broken in.
    you need to find a place for the paddle that is not so easy to reach.

    1. Hi Bas, yep, that darn paddle is WELL broken in now!

      Hmm, nice thought, but my husband decides where all implements are kept and I'm not allowed to move them from their 'homes'. You're right - he does keep the paddle very handy :)